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ABOUT: We have a page dedicated to New Releases.


Daily Book Bargains

DATES: Monday – Friday

FEE: $8 (one day), $10 (two days)

ABOUT: This is our daily bargains. Books must be priced from free to $2.99. They are shared on our blog and newsletter.


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Kindle Unlimited Edition

Dates: On the form

Fee: $10

About: This is our Kindle Unlimited Edition. It is sent twice a month. This is a GREAT promotion for books priced over $2.99 but in KU. Shared both in our newsletter and the blog.

We only have ten slots. The form will close once the spaces are filled.


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Sunday Series Spotlight

Dates: Weekly

Fee: $20 ($30 if more than 10 books in the series)

About: The series spotlight features up to ten books in a single series. We only send this newsletter out once a week. The banner for the series spotlight is shared the week following the featured. And the series page will remain on our site indefinitely.

We only have four slots a month.


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Sidebar Book Ad

DATES: Monthly

FEE: $30 ($15 if booked after the 15th of the month)

ABOUT: These are the book covers featured in the sidebar of the Bargains page. And remain there for the month booked.

Spaces are limited.


Host a Book Giveaway

DATES: Varies

FEE: $20 + Cost of your book.

ABOUT: This is another option great for books released at cost or higher than $2.99. The giveaway is featured on our blog. The banner is shared in our newsletter and on social media. (Example)

Spaces are limited.


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Special Promotions

Dates: June 1 – June 3

Fee: $10 + a Kindle eBook

Status: OPEN

Dates: June 22 – June 25

Fee: $5

Status: OPEN

Reader Love Tour | Black Love Books | BLB Bargains

Dates: April 4 – May 5

Fee: $25

Status: FULL

This is a list builder and giveaway.


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