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We feature African American, Interracial, and Multicultural Romance book bargains. All prices are verified before the BLB Bargains are posted, but prices are subject to change. Please be sure to verify the price on Amazon before downloading a book. Don’t miss out on these hot daily deals!

Never Him

First impressions are everything. When Lisa met Nick, he showed her the definition of an asshole. There was no way he would ever be someone she’d date, especially not after he thought she was the one who should apologize to him. But when their paths crossed again, and again, she realized maybe he wasn’t that bad after all. Or maybe [...]

Cole in My Stockings

Divorced and in her forties, Ava Kane, is preparing to spend another lonely Christmas Eve, when fate sends a tall, dark and handsome Secret Santa her way! Cole Nguyen has it all: money, charm and easy women. So, when he meets the voluptuous African beauty, he can't resist the challenge... This is a sweet and sexy short story, about a [...]

Kindle Unlimited Reads (January 2020)

This is our Kindle Unlimited Special Edition. All books are FREE in the Kindle Unlimited Program. You MUST have a KU subscription in order to get these books for free. If you want to try KU check out the free trial! Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial.

BLB Bargains for January 16

All prices are verified before the BLB Bargains are posted, but are still subject to change. Please be sure to verify the price on Amazon before downloading a book. Hot daily deals! Don't have a Kindle? Read with the FREE Kindle App.

Rockstar Scandals

Clearing her name and claiming her heart…  Devin Moore is the life of the party and taking the Rockstar Entertainment brand to the next level. The billionaire has the world at his feet and the industry by its balls. Settling for one woman seems asinine with so many tempting treats to sample until he meets Mia. Mia “Lyrik” Wallace knows [...]


Keep your friends close and your rivals closer. Simone Greene has been with Merit Investment Firm for three years and is one of their top account managers. She started from the bottom determined to climb the ladder of success and now runs her own team of eager beavers chasing checks and going all out to land top clientele; bringing more [...]

Be My Always

My next giant mistake has a name. Brendon Humes. M&A mogul. Tortured billionaire. A hunk with glasses and dimples. Clark Kent as Superman. Dazzling silver eyes. My almost one-night-stand. I’m wound too tight. He’s just what I need to take the edge off. There’s just enough alcohol in my system to make this seem like a good idea. Then he [...]

Back to You

Getting the call that my mother had been found dead in the river was one of the most painful moments of my life. Leaving Ryan— was the next. Being told to leave the man I loved more than life itself without saying goodbye was like a double-edged knife to my heart. But what could I have done? I was just [...]

Genre Spotlight: BWWM, IR, and Multicultural Romance

This is our Genre Spotlight Special Edition. All of our books fall in the romance genre but the subgenres vary greatly. This new addition to the BLB Bargains offering will help you find new authors and/or new titles in the subgenre you love the most. Click for more details.

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